Mia’s Friends Book


My name is:
that´s my secret
Hair colour:
Eye colour:
What I want to become:
a wise warrior and king, just like my father
This makes me unique:
don´t know – I think there´s only one Prince in Centopia
What I like best:
have you ever won a waterglare competition against Yuko? She always gets really annoyed. This cracks me up!
What I don´t like:
when the Unicorns are not feeling well
My once in a lifetime experience:
seeing Mia talk with the Unicorns
I wish you:
can come and visit us in Centopia
These are my best friends:
Yuko – although it´s really to slow her down sometimes. And then my father, King Raynor. Even though he sometimes makes jokes that aren´t really funny. And of course my mom, Queen Mayla, She never really gets worked up.
My motto:
No one is born a master warrior.
You can find me:
in the Elf Palace, or searching for stray Unicorn tears