Mia’s Friends Book

Pan Phuddle

My name is:
Phuddle – now that’s pronounced “fuddle,” not “puddle.” Alrighty?
um…I knew it just yesterday!
Hair colour:
oh! I have hair on my head?
Eye colour:
What I want to become:
the best flutist in Centopia
This makes me unique:
psst – don’t tell! Actually, I’m not even allowed to talk to you!
What I like best:
when my inventions work – unfortunately, that’s not always the case…
What I don´t like:
when my inventions don’t work – unfortunately, that’s often the case…
My once in a lifetime experience:
that Mia asked me to write something in her friendship book. I’m Mia’s friend! Isn’t that great? I have friends!
I wish you:
do you want me to play something on my Trumptus for you?
These are my best friends:
My motto:
Aw, duddlesnuff!
You can find me:
in my cave – I’m about to invent a new musical instrument – wish me luck!