Mia’s Friends Book


My name is:
I´m not saying!
Hair colour:
Eye colour:
purplish brown
What I want to become:
the best Elven warrior in Centopia of all time
This makes me unique:
that I am brave and can fly much better than Mo
What I like best:
to fly over the Centopian skies with Mo and visit the Glowworm Cave. And Mia’s fancy dress – where’d she get that from?
What I don´t like:
when Pan Phuddle won’t stop yapping!
My once in a lifetime experience:
to win against Mo in our waterglare competition!
I wish you:
could get a hold of a Unicorn tear – they’re really useful
These are my best friends:
For sure you know Mia. She’s like a sister to me – except, she’s totally bad at flying. I still have a lot to teach her. And Mo, we go way back since we were kids.
My motto:
A day without a smile (and shooting waterglares) is a lost day!
You can find me:
at the Rialto River