Unicorn Profiles






Particular (physical) characteristics

Turquoise mane and tail with yellow gems.

Particular skills

She can perform acrobatic stunts, but still has a lot to learn from her father Sito.

Belonging to which herd

Ferngrass Herd.

Favorite pasture ground in Centopia

At the Pan Glades.

Best friend among the Unicorns

Her daddy Sito! Her best friend is Pina. Together, they have lots of fun with their carefree hijinks. She also enjoys romping around with her good friend Fano. But she absolutely loves to be around Rahn, the leader of the foal group of the Ferngrass Herd.

Loves to do

To dance with her father and perform stunts. Being kind of cheeky, she loves nudging Pans in their belly with her horn. Pans are very ticklish and crack up when Li does this. Together with her best friend Pina, she also steals partridge berries from the Pans’ baskets.