Unicorn Profiles

Earth Unicorn


Earth Unicorn



Particular (physical) characteristics

Its mane and horn are made of wooden branches.

Particular skills

The Earth Unicorn is the master of the element Earth. It can cause earthquakes and create deep tunnels inside the ground. Like all Element Unicorns, the Earth Unicorn is one of the forebears of the Unicorns, descending from the primal Unicorns.

Belonging to which herd

The herd of the Element Unicorns.

Favorite pasture ground in Centopia

Its own grotto in the northern part of Centopia.

Best friend among the Unicorns

All three other Element Unicorns, but especially the Water Unicorn.

Loves to do

It takes care of the animals that live underground and revive the Earth. Since these subterranean creatures are rarely even noticed by Centopia’s other inhabitants, they deserve particular protection.