Unicorn Profiles

Fire Unicorn


Fire Unicorn



Particular (physical) characteristics

Its mane and tail are made of fire.

Particular skills

The Fire Unicorn is the master of the element Fire. It can shoot a flaming ring from his horn. It can create fire and control it. Like all Element Unicorns, the Earth Unicorn is one of the forebears of the Unicorns, descending from the primal Unicorns.

Belonging to which herd

The herd of the Element Unicorns.

Favorite pasture ground in Centopia

The cave inside the Volcano of Centopia.

Best friend among the Unicorns

All three other Element Unicorns, but especially the Wind Unicorn.

Loves to do

The Fire Unicorn loves to gallop through the hot desert. It keeps an eye on the fires of Centopia and steps in when a fire causes too much damage. The Unicorn foals have to complete their first difficult test with the Fire Unicorn.